2021’s Favorite Things

Welcome to my list of 2021’s Favorite Things!

These are items I absolutely adore and use almost daily. Many have loved my previous years’ lists, so I thought I’d keep up with tradition for this year!

Zojirushi hot water dispenser – ah, a must-have item in my kitchen – constantly at my ideal temperature of 195F. I basically drink hot beverages all day long!

Zojirushi vacuum insulated mug – this is probably my most frequently used item because I bring it to work every morning. It’s the little things and this is one of life’s joys. This keeps my hot drinks hot even after 6 hours, and my cold drinks cold. I loved this travel mug so much, I have 4 of the same model in different colors. Zojirushi costs an arm and a leg, but I have tried other travel mugs, and nothing compares in quality.

Uniqlo Heattech leggings – it’s because of leggings like these I haven’t worn other types of pants like jeans or slacks for years. These leggings are comfortable, warm, inexpensive, come in different colors like navy or grey and always in stock!

Zavida flavored coffee – I use both the beans and the Keurig pods interchangeably. If I have no time in the morning, I will use the pods, if I have a few minutes, I will grind the beans for the drip coffee maker. The Hazelnut Vanilla Medium Roast Beans are very flavorful, smell amazing, and have a suuuuuper unreal smooth taste! There is no acidic tone at all in these freshly ground beans! For the single serve pods, I buy the variety pack from Costco.ca which features French vanilla, Bavarian chocolate, English toffee, and I also like the Chocolate Raspberry flavor. I never feel the need to buy Starbucks because I strongly prefer the coffee I make. Of course, I add flavored creamer to it as well, I’m not quite there yet at drinking my coffee black!

CeraVe – in 2020, I said I loved CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream, and indeed I still do, it’s simply awesome for our dry skin and we use it daily for face and body, but I have ventured to expand to their salicylic acid line and really enjoy it! What an awesome find. I like their salicylic acid cleanser and their salicylic acid renewing lotion, which I’m a firm believer that SA improves skin texture. It also contains the ceramides and hyaluronic acid to restore skin barrier and retain hydration. I’m so impressed, I’m definitely going to try their other product lines.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant – I have used this for over 20+ years several times a week. This helps my skin texture, evenness, and keeps breakouts at bay. The Ordinary has a 2% BHA serum which I am actually liking, and I do think it is working well, but I am still giving it several months before I would be confident in replacing my trusted PC.

Sboly conical burr coffee grinder – so, so useful! 19 precise grind settings, not too loud, makes my coffee flavorful and very simple to use. It just works well and a reasonable price too.

Raspberries – I am such an advocate for gut health – it’s important to be regular, otherwise you’re just not going to have a good day. It’s been years and I have found the easiest way is by consuming raspberries. Contains 14g fiber per 200g. Not only that, raspberries are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids, low in sugar, natural, and taste great! I eat them fresh as a snack every day, as well I make jam from frozen raspberries to accompany my homemade yogurt.

Hope you enjoyed my list of 2021 Favorite Things!

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