Favorite Things 2022

Welcome to my 2022 List of Favourite things!

These are items I absolutely adore and use almost daily. Many have loved my lists from previous years, and perhaps this list can help give you some ideas on how to treat yourself or your loved ones!

Zojirushi hot water dispenser – having hot water at the ideal temperature of 195F instantly, all the time, it is something I can’t live without as I constantly consume hot beverages.

Salux Japanese Exfoliating bath towel – this is something I have used for 20+ years but I forgot to mention it in past years because it’s been such an everyday part of my life, like a toothbrush. It occurred to me to list it this year because I had to replace it and found it a little difficult to find. However it is something I cannot live without, and I have tried finding a substitute. Nothing compares to Salux, it’s super exfoliating and once you’ve tried it you’ll never feel as clean without it.

Sodastream – life changing! Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner? Omg. I love club soda and used to buy it all the time, but then I found this and went all out on mixing ginger syrups and buying all the flavors.

Uniqlo Heattech leggings – I feel I have a lot of repeat products from year to year, and again these leggings are on the list! I haven’t found other leggings that are as comfortable, inexpensive, or consistent as these ones, and I’ve gravitated towards the coloured ones instead of black. Come to think of it, I haven’t worn slacks or jeans since I don’t know when!

Zojirushi vacuum insulated mug – I have a lot of travel mugs and absolutely no other brand compares to this one – so effective in keeping my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold! Although this is pricier than others, this is definitely a prime example of you get what you pay for, superb quality! I have it in navy, lavender, silver, and white.

Zavida flavored coffee – I use both the whole beans and the k-cups interchangeably. The k-cups are great for quick mornings and I’ll grind the whole beans if I have a bit more time (with my Sboly coffee grinder). My absolute fave is of course, the Hazelnut Vanilla Medium Roast Beans in the large bag! The beans have a great, smooth flavour with no acidity and smell amazing! Of course, I will buy other flavours for variety, such as the butter pecan, maple, etc but the Hazelnut Vanilla is the OG! For the k-cups, I’ll buy in bulk 96 boxes at a time English toffee/Bavarian chocolate/French vanilla/Chocolate Raspberry flavours. I wait all year for the mega Black Friday sales so I save $3-$11 off each bag or pack. Indeed, it’s a large coffee haul of $300+ per year but compare that to avoiding daily $6.50 Starbucks lattes I’m saving over $2k!

Ombrelle Kids Sunscreen SPF 50 – we use this daily for face and body and buy it in bulk! It’s been a staple for years and never feels greasy or dry. I’ve worn sunscreen with spf 50 since I was 16 every day and I think it’s made a big difference!

Gramma Bee’s Honey – the unpasteurized honey that has never been heated, filtered, delivered to me in a bulk 5kg size! I will transfer it to smaller jars immediately. I drizzle it on my homemade yogurt every morning, I mix honey with hot water every evening, and I drizzle it on practically everything I eat.

CeraVe – it’s hard to find anything better than CeraVe moisturizing cream! Me and the fam use it it daily for face and body, the ceramides and hyaluronic acid restore the skin barrier and retains hydration, and it’s readily available at Costco. I mentioned last year I love CeraVe’s salicylic acid cleanser and their salicylic acid renewing lotion and it’s GREAT stuff!

Hope you enjoyed my list of 2022 Favorite Things! You can view my fave things from past years here: 2021, 2020, and 2019!

Elaine Green | Photographer

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  2. Richard Le Sueur says:

    Interesting list, and I can understand why you like these things.

    I will comment on two, the hot water and the coffee, since they go together quite often.

    I also like instant hot water, and instant cold water as well. Depending on the time of year and the activity I tend to drink water in either form very frequently. Anyway, I get both from my handy dandy water cooler, which I love.

    For coffee, I have a cup every morning, regular as clockwork, and sometimes one more during the day. My coffee of choice comes from Malaysia, Aik Cheong Original to be precise. The company is run by Kim’s cousins and I was introduced to it on my first trip to Melaka in 2013. Been drinking it regularly ever since. In the beginning had to bring many bags back with us on every visit but now it’s available here in Edmonton.

    Any the who, take care. See you soon maybe.

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