Favorite Things 2023

Introducing my 2023 List of Favorite Things!

We all use and like many different products, but these are the items that I can’t live without! Over the years, many have found my lists helpful, and I hope that this year’s list will give you some inspiration for treating yourself or your loved ones!

Vipro Pindjur: I’ve tried and loved many east European vegetable spreads, but I believe I have found the absolute best. More commonly known as ajvar, pindjur is a spread made of roasted red pepper, tomatoes, garlic, oil, salt, and eggplant. You can spread on toast, or Italian sandwiches, but sometimes I just eat it by the spoon! This brand is sold for $8.49 for 540 grams at the Italian Centre.

Sodastream: we use this so many times per day, it’s an indispensable addition to our house. Although we don’t do the syrups as much, we just mix it with some juice for a hint of flavor. Refreshing!

Ikea Upphetta: this French press coffee/tea maker is probably in everyone’s home, but I absolutely love it for steeping my daily Japanese green tea. Earlier this year, it was accidentally broken and I was so relieved it was less than $10 to replace it!

Gramma Bee’s Honey: this local unpasteurized raw honey has never been heated, nor filtered, and they deliver to my doorstep in a bulk 5kg size for $50! I decant the honey into smaller jars immediately, and it lasts me about 1 year before I make another order.

Zojirushi Hot Water Dispenser: My fave appliance! It provides hot water at the perfect temperature of 195F, instantly and consistently. As someone who constantly enjoys hot beverages, I can’t imagine life without it.

Salux Japanese Exfoliating Bath Towel: Although I overlooked mentioning in some previous years’ lists, this rough-textured washcloth has been a staple in my daily routine for over 20 years. It really makes you feel exfoliated! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why it’s irreplaceable.

Zojirushi Vacuum Insulated Mug: this does an exceptional job of keeping hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold! There is NO other mug that compares! I have it in navy, lavender, silver, and white.

Paula’s Choice 2% Salicylic Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid Exfoliant: since the year 2000, along with SPF50+ sunscreen, I have used this several times a week to keep my skin clear and smooth, and I think it’s made a big difference! I am never without it.

Zavida Flavored Coffee: I’ve been a long-time advocate of these flavored beans, particular the Hazelnut Vanilla Medium Roast. The beans have a great, smooth flavour with no acidity and smell amazing! For fast days, I use the k-cups and buy in bulk boxes of 96 cups at a time Maple/English Toffee/Bavarian Chocolate/French Vanilla/Chocolate Raspberry flavours. I wait all year for the Costco mega sales so I save $4-$11 off each bag or pack.

Ombrelle Kids Sunscreen SPF 60: this has been a daily staple for years for us and never feels greasy or dry.

Uniqlo Heattech Leggings – insanely comfortable, inexpensive, and reliable. I hope they never discontinue selling these!

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream: absolutely a must-have daily product for our family! The ceramides and hyaluronic acid restore the skin barrier and retains hydration.

If you’re interested you can check out my previous Favorite Things lists from 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019!

Elaine Green | Photographer

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