Felicia + Evan – Edmonton Wedding at the JW Marriott – Ice District

Featuring THE wedding of the year! Felicia + Evan’s wedding was meticulously planned for 2 years, and at last, they had an extremely FANTASTIC wedding at the JW Marriott – Ice District! You’ll remember Felicia + Evan from their fabulous two engagement sessions here:



What made their wedding WAY awesome was their close-knit group of friends and family! Not to mention, everyone looked absolutely stunning.

The day started with door games, where the groom and his crew were up for the challenge and prove his devotion to the bride! They did well consuming extremely sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy flavors to start, followed by some difficult yoga poses! Evan was brave enough to withstand his leg hair being waxed right off (!) along with some mindbending questions to reach Felicia! They had some impromptu heartfelt speeches between their group before having the tea ceremony. Felicia changed into her white dress and they did their first look before the guests started to arrive for the wedding ceremony.

Since it was still winter outside, we did wedding photo formals around the hotel and Rogers Place, which had some ultra-cool locations. The bridal party was rocking! The venue was beautifully decorated and it was a crazy night with lots of laughs and dancing!

Thanks so much Felicia + Evan for choosing us to photograph your gorgeous wedding! It was such an honour working with you and your families!

Elaine Green | Photographer








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