Miran, Josh, Tristan, and Skylar – Family Photoshoot at the Foundry Room

Miran, Josh, Tristan, and Skylar — recently flew to Edmonton, choosing once again to capture their family’s evolution through my camera’s lens. Having photographed them several times over the years, even way back from Skylar’s infancy, it’s always a joy to frame their latest chapter.

They visited during Lunar New Year, and it was chilly outside! We photographed at the Foundry Room, a venue where urban texture meets sophisticated style. It provided the perfect indoor oasis allowing their personalities to take center stage. The shoot was further brightened by Lunar New Year-themed balloons, remnants from a previous event, that captured the children’s fascination!

I had a great time capturing the gorgeous smiles of Miran and Josh, along with Tristan’s energy and Skylar’s mischievous looks! As they take these images back to Hong Kong, they carry with them not just photographs, but frozen moments of joy and togetherness. It’s an honor to be entrusted with such precious narratives, and I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to document their ever-unfolding story.

Here’s to family, to growth, and to the beauty of captured moments. Until we meet again!

Elaine Green | Photographer

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