Edmonton Boudoir Photography by Elaine Green

Indeed, I photograph a lot of boudoir sessions! Some of my all-time favorite images that I’ve ever taken over the past 20 years are from boudoir/dudoir photoshoots, whether it’s solo or couple sessions, he/she/they/them, of all orientations. I haven’t posted a lot of them as they are more intimate, but I wanted to showcase the beauty of boudoir photography as we move to the new year! I encourage everybody to take a leap and get some amazing images done for themselves. It’s empowering, it’s super fun, it’s a confidence booster. You will always be glad you did the photos when you could. It’s about celebrating our bodies and how far we have come. The attire possibilities are endless – you can use a robe, tights, lingerie, a white shirt, or nothing at all. I’ve photographed boudoir for all sorts of people and one thing is certain, boudoir has no boundaries and boudoir is for everyone.

While I do the majority of boudoir photos in colour, there’s just something about black and white that is even more alluring. It really emphasizes the emotion, movement, and nuance of boudoir photography. Enjoy!

As someone who highly values fine art photos, I believe it is SO important to have some special photos of oneself! I’m so glad to be able to provide this empowerment to others. I myself had boudoir photos done a while back taken by my friend Haley and I loved them, here is a photo from that session!

You might have put off doing a photoshoot because you may be intimidated at the thought of it, or you want to wait until you work out more, or that you are too busy for now. Time flies, and opportunities pass. There is never a better time than the present, and I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and dare greatly. You’ll never regret taking the leap.

Elaine Green | Photographer

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