Puneet + Steven – Multiday Indian Wedding in Edmonton

Puneet @pklotey + Steven @stevenbasra_ ‘s multiday wedding this summer was SO beautiful and it’s hard to choose which ones to feature! I love the vibrant colors, the elaborate attire, and the plethora of moments to photograph – the blog only showcases less than 5% of the total number of images they receive! I’m happy to announce the entire set of images is all edited now 😀

We had a blast covering the Sangeet dance party on the first day, the second day included Maiyan rituals at the parental homes including the Choora bangle ceremony and Jaggo dancing celebration, and then the next day was the wedding! After getting ready and performing the Sehrabandi ceremony, the groom’s family arrived at the Nanaksar Gurdwara temple and greeted the bride’s family in the Milni ceremony. After the wedding ceremony and formals downtown, we documented the Doli, which is the departure of the bride to her new home. Lastly, the Vhura ceremony meant whoever finds the rings in the bowl of milk with rose petals first is supposed to be the one who steers the married life 🙂

One of the things Duane and I loved the most about their wedding was that we had such a fantastic time hanging out with their family and friends during the wedding week, they welcomed us with open arms. It wasn’t the first time we’ve photographed this lovely family, we had photographed It wasn’t the first time we’ve photographed this lovely family, we had photographed Charan + Baljinder’s wedding several years earlier!

Thanks so much, guys, for choosing us to document your amazing wedding, it was such an honour!


hmua Sunita Sumaru of Sen Studios-Makeup Artists/Stylist/Educators

henna The Henna House

attire Pooja’s Boutique

temple Nanaksar Gurudwara

Elaine Green | Photographer

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