Products I Currently Like

Here are some products I’m currently liking very much!

  1. Ikea Sommar travel towel – this microfiber towel is super compact, effective, and comes in a little waterproof drawstring bag! Great for when James goes to spray parks and we don’t want to bring the kitchen sink.sommar
  2. Sapadilla mint soap – every couple of months I buy 4 bottles for the house, it’s a must-have. sapadilla-Rosemarypeppermint-hand-soap_2048x2048
  3. Tiger vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle – used daily, it keeps my coffee hot and my iced drinks cold. I bought it in Japan in 2013 and liked it so much I got another one via Amazon this year.tigerbottle
  4. Peak Design backpack and messenger bag – I’ve been interested in bags since I don’t know when but these are THE best-designed bags, both the backpack and the messenger bag! I use it for shoots (messenger), school (backpack), and travelling (backpack). I keep eyeing their new 45L carry-on travelpack on Kickstarter, but it’s pricey and I’m not doing too much travelling at the moment.
  5. Eucerin Complete Repair Hand Cream – considering how much I wash my hands, it’s very effective.                                                    eucerin
  6. Anker usb charger – good quality, rapidly charges my iPhone.


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