Korean Skincare and a Photo of the Family

FullSizeRenderThough I am a minimalist, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want ‘stuff’. I’m normal like any human being. But I do ask myself “do I really need this” and I resist the impulsive buys that used to creep up on me. I limit myself to things that improve my quality of life and that I find a lot of value.

Today this came in the mail from Jolse.com, I have waited for months to repurchase some staple products that I have finished and valued enough to buy again! It has to be a really awesome product for me to repurchase. I was surprised at the number of samples I received!

Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is rather plain-looking, but a very effective cleanser. It’s important to have a low pH in skincare products so that bacteria does not have that environment to grow. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Pact keeps me shine-free and I love it so much I also got the loose version. I’ve bought this mineral powder pact many many times, ever since my beloved Kryolan Dermacolor Waterproof Powder became super difficult to get. I believe I ordered Cosrx Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask, but in the box was Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight mask. However, I have never ‘not liked’ a product from Cosrx. I’ll have to follow up with Jolse on how that happened! In any case, either of the two are gel-type moisturizers in which I like to use at night and also during the day underneath a Japanese sunscreen (currently Biore UV Aqua Rich).  A BHA is essential for chemical exfoliation and usually I use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid but since Jolse is offering the Neulii BHA with the Cosrx mask as a set I thought I’d try it, I’ll update on how that goes. Saemmul apricot blush replaces my almost-done Cargo Catalina compact.

I predict the next time these products run out will be 6 months in which I will venture out to repurchase. Korean skincare just works. I’m 35 and I’ve never had better skin than since I was say, 11? Below is a recent family photo we took with Bezanson Photography. James is so cute with his apricot bow tie!


photo by Bezanson Photography

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