Happy New Year – Things I am thankful for

I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m humbled by all the opportunities I’ve had and will have. Counting one’s blessings really makes my day!

-My family – my husband Duane, my son James, my parents and in-laws… they are absolutely lovely and so very significant to me.


-My friends – really awesome people, love them

Bodas Medellín, Fotógrafo de Bodas Medellín

-My health – everything’s working fine!

-My home – it’s a great place to be

-My favorite stuff – my phone, computer, and photoshop 🙂


-My occupation – do what you love, create/make/do  

-My skills – to freely utilize the skills I’ve acquired

-My travel experiences – shapes the way I see things, glad to have tried these foods: dumplings in Shanghai, gluten in HK, soba in Japan, roti in Malaysia, pizza in NYC, tacos in LA, ugali in Kenya, and Vancouver bubble tea

-My students – they inspire me and it’s a joy to see their progress

-My clients – their trust is paramount to my work


-Living in Canada – it’s peaceful, beautiful, clean air, and dry

-Freedom of speech – not taking this for granted!

-My vehicle – in Edmonton, you have to drive. It’s nearly impossible go anywhere without one

Happy New Year!jamessheep.jpg

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