10 Essentials

I was thinking about this list after reading a GQ column where designers/celebs names the 10 items they can’t live without. It’s intriguing to find out what a person considers their essentials 🙂

For the past year, I’ve lived on much less than I was used to. I embraced minimalism, enjoying life and traveling rather than working from dawn till dusk, simplified down to essentials that I highly value.

I found that great experiences with people was so much more fulfilling than a certain $ value in the bank account.

So I made a list of my 10 essentials!

1. Iphone – it’s my digital assistant! Stores my calendar, contacts, emails, notes, music, reminders, books, I promise you I’m not addicted but I can’t be without it.



2. Laptop – my work and life is quite mobile and this allows me freedom and flexibility to do my work anywhere at anytime. Editing at a coffee shop late at night? No problem!



3. Green Tea with a spoon of maple syrup – I have been drinking this almost every morning for years! Staple.


Green Tea

4. Black opaque tights – I wear these almost all the time, easily replaceable if they get worn out. I’ve found Uniqlo’s HEATTECH tights to be the best, keeps me warm in -30, yet thin and antibacterial. Genius!


Uniqlo Heatteach Tights

5. Camper sandals – I wear these during the summer for my 14 hour wedding work days, wear them for travelling around the world and just walking about. A few pairs have been with me for almost a decade and are still in good condition, so I search worldwide for the particular model # and don’t wear any other kind at all. I cannot imagine what would happen if they stopped making them.

Camper Sandals

Camper Sandals

6. Dido – I’ve listened to her for years since White Flag and her music never gets old



7. Sunscreen – the secret of looking forever young! I like Paula’s Choice skincare products.


Paula’s Choice sunscreen

8. MAC Amplified lipstick in Impassioned – a fuschia pink I’ve repurchased many times, it makes me happy when I wear it


MAC Impassioned amplified lipstick

9. BareMinerals Matte – the best powder/concealer!


BareMinerals Matte

10. Sriracha Hot Sauce – I put that stuff in everything! Almost all my meals except dessert contain this superior flavor enhancer!


Sriracha sauce

What are your 10 Essentials?

Cheers, Elaine


  1. What says:

    We will try the hot sauce, never had it!

  2. What says:

    My wife and I are actually giving up our smartphones, hopefully for good! Over the years we’ve given up tv(actually never had one since married) then internet and haven’t missed them. This year we are going back to dumbphones 🙂 We do plan on keeping them as camera/photo and music storage but dumping our plans.
    Have you read mr money mustache? Great minimalist resource although he tends to be heavier on the financial gain from being minimalist(which is a nice side benefit but we enjoy the free mind aspect more!)

  3. Ryan Newell says:

    Heh. Nice

  4. steven li says:

    Love the post. Keep up the good work.

  5. ame741 says:

    My phone is on my top 10 essentials list also lol

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